OTI Boutique Hotel & Spa is an allusion to adventure, a tribute to living in the wildlands.


Stay with us

We have 27 cozy rooms, which are ideal for anyone searching for a holiday or a simple getaway location.

Restaurant & Bar

Sip custom cocktails in your own personal bedroom, or sit down at one of our casual dining tables for a multi-course meal. The nod to OTI Boutique presents european-inspired classics with a modern twist.

Enjoy the moment and relive with one of our restorative spa therapies

With two exclusive sun-washed recovery quarters, it is committed to your serenity and peace of mind. As a resident of Hotely Spa, indulge the free usage of the resort's bathing pools, wellness centre, bathrobes, slippers and a different mix of herbal teas.


Meetings & Events

Whatever your dream we have to make it a fact, we have the meeting and event room.



Any wedding is an extraordinary occurrence, and the wedding party is a celebration of it.